Biotech and Research

Find solutions to the toughest genomics and bioinformatics challenges.

Drive better, faster biotech science company-wide.

Analome provides the power of leading-edge data science applied to genomics and bioinformatics. Get the genomics and bioinformatics help you need at any stage of product development. Enable rapid product development and client IP.

Proven success in our projects:

  • Production of world class reference genome assembly and annotation, all species including some of the most complex genomes known
  • Re-sequencing to understand and leverage variation across lines
  • RNA-seq projects
  • De novo gene discovery for biotech products
  • Gene editing product development R&D
  • Toolsets and databases for genomics R&D
  • AI-based protein design and optimization

De-risk and accelerate product development.

Reduce wasted time and effort by enabling biotech pipeline optimization based on new sequencing technologies.

Make critical decisions earlier and faster with the power of leading-edge data science. Removes substantial pipeline risk and increases pipeline quality by focusing resources only on high-quality events. Our pipeline optimization technologies have saved our clients millions of dollars.

Proven success in our projects:

  • Construct QC, validation by NGS – remove unnecessary risk early in the pipeline
  • Ag. Biotech high throughput NGS-based transgenic and gene-editing event evaluation and selection